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Design & Detail Engineering
Design and development deliverables - Instrumentation systems
Start up phase - overall
  • Instrument index sheet
  • Process data sheets formats
  • Instrument Lists - Parameter wise
  • Specification sheets for instruments
Field Installations
  • Installation / Hook up drawings
  • Instrument installation Support details
  • Specifications for ancillaries
  • Material take off - Instruments
  • Bill of material for installations
Execution phase
  • Loop schematics
  • Cable schedule
  • Lay out for cable trays
  • Drawings indicating location of instruments
  • Design of PANEL (G A of Panel)
  • Tubing diagrams
  • Interlock logic diagram
  • Specifications for instrument PANELS
  • Enquiry specifications
  • Comparison sheet for quotations
  • Review of vendors drawings
  • Contract document
  • Cost Estimate
  • Costing - segrigated - field instrumets
  • Control system
  • Erection work,
  • Installations and commissioning
Design & development steps with deliverables - Electrical
  • Power System Study (Load flow, Short Circuit, Motor starting study) and fault level calculation using ETAP software
  • Selection and sizing of Transformer, HT/LT Switchgear and its protection, NGR, motor, and various other electrical equipment needed
  • Preparation of Single Line Diagram for MV/LV Distribution System
  • Design of EHV/HV/LV sub stations
  • Preparation of various Engineering Documents like Document Control Index, consumer list, Load summery, cable schedule & equipment sizing calculation of UPS, Battery, switchboard, and others
  • Energy conservation schemes: APFC and others
  • Preparation of Engineering Specifications, Data Sheets, Material Requisition and Purchase Requisition for various electrical equipments for the project as per IS/IEC standards
  • Preparation of equipment, lighting, cable tray, earthing, and lightning protection layout, and others for substation and plant areas
  • Preparation of Hazardous Area classification layouts, earthing, lighting and cable routing layout for plant areas.
  • Reviewing the vendor’s engineering document and preparation of Technical Bid Evaluation for electrical items
  • Reviewing the Schematic wiring diagram for Switchgear, vendor’s document & drawing for the approval.
    • Inspection and Testing
    • Single line Diagram of MCC /PCC/Lighting
    • MCC/PCC /Lighting Technical Specifications (Specifications for Switchgear & fabrication)
    • Specifications for cables (power and control)
    • Preparation of cable schedule
    • Specifications for cable termination.
    • Cable termination schedule
    • Specifications for cable tray
    • Cable tray routing / Layout
    • Quantifying requirement of Steel for cable tray support.
    • Specifications for earthing conductor & earth electrode.
    • Preparation of earthing layout
    • Erection BOQ for electrical work
    • Lighting Layout
    • HT Equipment Layout

Similarly, we provide design and development for HVAC, Fire Alarm, CC TV, Public Address & Safety Systems.
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